If there’s one thing just about everyone can agree on, it’s the joy of a solid slice of pizza. In Lexington, however, you can do far better than just solid pizza– you’ll find a variety of pizza nothing short of exceptional, with options for everybody no matter your culinary preferences or dietary needs. Below is a list of just a few of the best pizza joints in town.

Joe Bologna’s

120 West Maxwell Street

(859) 252-4933

No list of Lexington’s best pizza pies would be complete without Joe Bologna’s on it. This iconic Italian restaurant has been around since 1973, and besides their legendary eats, the place has quite the atmosphere. Joe Bologna’s describes their location as “the first restaurant in Lexington with 41 stained glass windows” courtesy of the former 19th-century synagogue it resides in. You’ll be surrounded by these gorgeous windows as well as a myriad of original paintings as you dig into some of the best Italian food– or food, period– in the Bluegrass. If pizza isn’t your thing, however, you can be rest assured that there’s plenty more to choose from (namely Joe Bologna’s impressive array of pasta and sandwiches.)


1228 Manchester Street (Distillery District)

(859) 523-5280

110 North Mill Street (Mill Street)

(859) 281-1101

Although Goodfellas has expanded quite a bit since their inception, they began right here in Lexington and continue to enjoy a local cult-favorite status in the area. There are two locations in Lexington, one in the Distillery District and one in the heart of downtown. Goodfellas is known for their enormous New York-style slices, as well as their equally gigantic garlic breadsticks. While their Mill Street location is the perfect place to swing by and grab a bite (or many bites, rather), their location on Manchester Street is in none other than a historic former distillery.

Puccini’s Pizza Pasta

833 Chevy Chase Place (Chevy Chase)

(859) 269-0404

3801 Dylan Place (Boston Road)

(859) 223-1588

This beloved regional chain has a handful of locations throughout Indiana and Kentucky, including two right here in Lexington. As their name would suggest, Puccini’s Pizza Pasta serves up more than pizza so good it’s won awards; they’re also known for their spectacular pasta dishes. They have a wide range of gluten-free options, as well as vegan alternatives for much of their menu. You can also sink your teeth into a delicious calzone, sandwich, or slice of cheesecake.

Pies & Pints

401 West Main Street #106

(859) 231-7437

Another celebrated regional franchise, this time originating from Fayetteville, West Virginia, Pies & Pints offers more than just your standard top-notch pizza. They also have vegan cheese and gluten-free crust so that everyone can enjoy their pies. Craft beer lovers will also find themselves at home at Pies & Pints. The restaurant’s location on main street situates it near several of Lexington’s most iconic sites, including Triangle Park, The Square, and Rupp Arena.

Rolling Oven

725 National Avenue (Located in Mirror Twin Brewing)

(859) 447-8146

Rolling Oven began as a traveling food truck in the area, although a short trip over to Versailles will take you to their brick-and-mortar restaurant. Also in Lexington is Rolling Oven’s location within Mirror Twin Brewing, which means you’ll have access to a massive selection of locally brewed craft beers along with your stellar pizza. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what a s’mores-flavored pizza tastes like, Rolling Oven Mobile Pizzeria has you covered. The same goes for any salami and swiss cheese enthusiasts– although the less adventurous can enjoy some well-executed classics alongside the more creative pies.