Most people can agree that a good donut will brighten any morning (or afternoon, for that matter.) If you’re new to the Lexington area– or just need a donut-related refresher– here are some of the city’s best offerings for all tastes and dietary needs.

North Lime Coffee & Donuts

Greyline Station: 101 West Loudon Ave, Suite 160

(859) 407-1374

Clays Mill: 3101 Clays Mill Road, Suite 300A

(859) 303-6114

While this beloved donut shop has four shops across Lexington and Louisville, North Lime Coffee & Donuts originated here in Lexington and continues to be a local favorite. With a rotating menu of delicious and creative donut flavors, as well as daily staples and an impressive coffee and tea menu, it’s hard to go wrong with North Lime. In downtown Lexington you’ll find North Lime Donuts within the Greyline station public market; if you venture into the Clays Mill area of town, you’ll find North Lime’s second Lexington location (next to the delicious Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream, no less.) Their classic donuts are heavenly, but if concoctions like Whoopie Pie and Fruit Pebbles appeal to you, North Lime is a great place for adventurous pastry lovers. You’ll also find frequent vegan and gluten-free options– think Vegan Raspberry Chip and Gluten-Free Cotton Candy, for instance.

Gluten-Free Miracles Bakery & Cafe

145 Burt Road

(859) 278-8888

Lexington’s premier bakery for gluten-free treats features scones, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls (many of which are also dairy-free and/or vegan), and lots more– as well as donuts. As to be expected, everything on the menu is gluten-free, so there’s no stress involved. Those who follow the Paleo and Keto diets will also find items for them on the Gluten-Free Miracles menu.

Frank’s Donuts

549 East Third Street

(859) 523-0899

Frank’s Donuts can be found throughout central Kentucky, from Georgetown to Winchester. Lexington’s is located on East Third Street, not too far from Transylvania University campus as well as Winchester Road. Featuring glazed, iced, sprinkled, and coconut-topped treats (just to name a few), Frank’s Donuts is locally renowned for its wide selection of delicious donuts. You’ll also be able to sink your teeth into an apple fritter or cinnamon roll, if you’re not in the donut sort of mood. Flavors like Pumpkin and Maple are especially timely as the fall season creeps closer and closer. On top of being downright delectable, the majority of pastries at Frank’s donuts are less than a dollar. Sixty-four cents for one of the best donuts in town is far from a bad deal.

Donut Days Bakery

185 Southland Drive

(859) 277-9414

Among the many unique shops and restaurants found in Lexington’s Southland area is Donut Days, a bakery that has served the community for nearly five decades. Donut Days also has a location in nearby Richmond, although the Lexington shop is where you can satiate your donut cravings bright and early at six am each weekday. As their name suggests, they are best known for their donuts– but you can also buy everything from handmade bread to cookies and cakes. Being just off of Nicholasville Road means that you’re liable to pass by Donut Days traveling through Lexington, and next time you do you won’t regret taking a small detour.

Spalding’s Bakery

760 Winchester Road

(859) 252-3737

No list involving the words “Lexington” and “donuts” would be complete without mentioning Spalding’s Bakery. For nearly a century Spalding’s has supplied the Lexington area with spectacular donuts and other baked goods. Needless to say, Spalding’s has a rich history– and a rich present, should you treat yourself to one of their top-notch donuts.