For most people, safety is top of mind when they’re looking for an apartment. People want to feel comfortable in their own homes, after all. This is especially true for those who are going to be living alone, whether that’s in a studio apartment or a one-bedroom. Renters might also be more curious about an apartment’s security measures if it’s located downtown because there will probably be more people around.

Like with all Cowgill communities, safety is a top priority at studios180. While guests have to find parking on the street, residents have access to a private parking lot. The gate remains locked 24/7, but can be opened with an electronic key fob or app, which residents also use to get into the building since all entrances are locked. (If a resident happens to get locked out, they can use a callbox on the front of the building to contact emergency maintenance.) Residents also use their key fobs or the app to get into common spaces, like the fitness center and lounge.

In addition to fellow residents coming and going, there is someone in the studios180 on-site office six to seven days per week. They’re there to help future tenants lease apartments, but can also answer any questions current tenants might have.

Residents can also rest assured that their packages and mail will be secure in the studios180 building. The community has Parcel Pending package lockers. Mail carriers put packages into a locker, and residents are sent a code via the Parcel Pending system to unlock their locker and retrieve their package. Plus, every apartment has a mailbox by the building’s back entrance. Residents receive a mail key when they move in to access their assigned box.

Units at studios180 are now leasing. If you’re interested in learning more about the community, or have additional questions about the building’s safety measures, you can get in touch by sending a message to or calling (859) 309-1444.