Avid readers know that books can take up a lot of space — and living in an apartment means you probably don’t have much room to spare. Here are six different ways to store your collection of books in a studio apartment.

Shelfless Stacking

Instead of building or installing shelves, try stacking your books into neat piles. If you don’t want the stacks out in the open, build them up underneath a table in your entryway, a coffee table in your living area, or your bedside table.

Glass Display Case

A glass display case is a simple-yet-sophisticated way to show off your book collection without hanging shelves or using a classic bookshelf. Bonus: Organizing your books in an enclosed space will help keep them free of dust.

Color-Coded Statement Wall

Turn your personal library into a design statement by color coordinating the books. You can install shelves to display them in your sleeping or living areas. If you don’t want to drill into the wall, simply color-code your standing bookcase.

Stacked Tower Shelf

Vertical bookshelves are a convenient option if you like the idea of stacking books, but want to make sure your tower is stable. They take up less space than a traditional bookshelf since they’re tall, rather than wide.

Room-Dividing Bookshelf

Using a large bookshelf to divide your living and sleeping spaces in a studio apartment is both easy and practical. You’ll likely want to divide the space anyway, so why not use a piece of furniture that doubles as book storage?

Revolving Bookcase

A Revolving bookcase is perfect for small-space living because it’s essentially several bookcases built into one. Plus, it makes for a great statement piece of furniture to fill an empty corner in your studio apartment.