“If you’re cold, they’re cold” may be a popular catchphrase among pet owners during the winter months– but what about “if you’re enjoying some cozy sweaters, they should too?” No matter what you or your pet’s idea of getting spoiled is, we all want the absolute best for our four-legged friends. Here are just a few fun ideas for quality time with your pets this winter.

Pet Sweaters

There’s little else more iconic than a dog sweater– or cat sweater, or even a guinea pig sweater when it comes to sharing the season with your pets. While these can be a case of “your mileage may vary” depending on your pet’s comfort level with wearing clothes and accessories, if your pooch is partial to some dress-up, these sweaters can serve as both a cute and functional experience. You can even knit or crochet your own, should you be feeling crafty. After all, DIY projects can be a great way to beat the doldrums of January and February as we wait for warmer weather on the horizon.

Bakery Treats

There are a few dog treat bakeries in Lexington, including the Bluegrass Barkery, that serve up unique canine-friendly baked goods, as well as a multitude of treats that can be ordered online. If you’re not familiar with dog macarons, you might be glad you checked out this list, because even your dog can get in on some French delicacies (sort of.)

Dog Bath Bombs

Yes, they’re a thing– and they come in plenty of different colors and scents that are pet-safe and might just make your dog a little more keen on taking a bath. This particular set features bath bomb names like “Birthday Pup” and “Zen Puppy”, it seems there’s a dog-friendly bath bomb for every occasion. There’s even one called “Stop the Itch”, which has oatmeal and other essential oils to help pups with more irritated skin. Be sure to check with your vet before using any new products in your dog’s bath, of course.

Upping Your Cat’s Playtime Game

While the time for your Christmas tree cat beds and stockings full of tuna treats may have passed, the time for adorable cat toys and accessories is year-round. You can get cat trees shaped like cactuses, flowers, mushrooms, and even regular trees. And that’s not even scratching the surface of all the strange, wonderful, and posh toys you can get for your feline friend, from plush pickles full of catnip to DJ turntable-shaped scratching posts.

A Five-Star Hamster Home

Did you know that you can litterbox train your hamster, guinea pig, or other small animals? Not only will the training process involve lots of delicious treats for them, but it will result in a cleaner cage that benefits both your small animals and you (unpleasant smells and length clean-up time can be a thing of the past!) You can also find beds and elaborate, fun cages for your hamsters, guinea pigs, or other rodent friends to chill in.