Let’s face it: Bathrooms can get really dirty and grimy — and, while it can be annoying to do a thorough clean of the space, it’s necessary if you want to avoid a buildup of mold, mildew, or soap scum. This is why it’s a good idea to give your bathroom a proper clean every week or two. Here are six steps to help you do it without missing a spot.

Disinfect the Sink & Faucet

Between getting ready every morning, brushing your teeth, and washing your face, your sink can get pretty dirty. Spray the entire area with a disinfecting cleaner and wipe it down using a sponge or cloth. Don’t forget to disinfect the faucet handles, too, since you touch them frequently.

Scrub the Shower

Spray the shower or tub with a cleaner specifically designed for the surface. Depending on the product, you might need to let it sit for a bit before wiping it off, so be sure to read the instructions. Consider keeping a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath on hand in case you need to tackle any stains or tough soap scum.

Make Your Toilet Bowl Shine

Pour toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and let it sit before scrubbing with a brush and flushing. Be sure to use a disinfecting cleaner, like a Clorox wipe, to wipe down the toilet seat and handle — and remember to clean the toilet brush, too: Let it dry and then spray it with a disinfectant.

Dust the Bathroom Vent

You might forget about your bathroom vent because it’s out of sight, but they can get dusty when neglected. If possible, remove and vacuum the cover. Then, wash it with warm, soapy water. Just make sure the cover is completely dry before replacing it.

Declutter Drawers & Under-the-Sink Storage

When you do a deep clean of your bathroom, it’s a good idea to wipe down the inside of drawers and any under-the-sink storage. Start by removing everything and throwing away what you don’t need anymore. After cleaning the surfaces, organize the contents of the drawers as you refill them.

Don’t Forget Mop the Floor

Finish your cleaning session by vacuuming and mopping the bathroom floor. You probably want to save this step for last, so you can clean up any dirt and dust that fell to the floor while you were cleaning everything else.