A studio apartment is a single room, plus a bathroom, which means your “bedroom” and “living room” are in the same space. Living in a studio doesn’t mean you can’t have both a living and sleeping space, it just means you have to get a little creative. Read on for five easy ways to keep your living and sleeping areas separate.

Set up a Bookshelf

Using a bookshelf to divide your “living room” from your “bedroom” is both easy and practical. In addition to making a clear distinction between the different areas in your apartment, the bookshelf can double as additional storage space. Pro-tip: Use an open cube bookcase, like this option from Amazon, so light can flow throughout the entire apartment.

Color Coordinate Each “Room”

An easy, no-additional-labor option for dividing up the sleeping and living spaces in your studio apartment is to color coordinate each area. You can use muted colors in the “bedroom” and brighter, bolder options in the “living room” to create a distinction between the two areas — or, you can use white and tan bedding and save the more colorful décor for the living space.

Keep the Couch at the Foot of the Bed

Setting the couch against the foot of your bed — like we did in the staged studios180 apartments — immediately creates a physical barrier between the living and sleeping spaces. Plus, you won’t have to worry about visitors staring at your unmade bed because their backs will be toward your “bedroom” when they’re seated on the couch.

Use Smaller Furniture

Cramming oversized furniture into a studio apartment might make the space feel smaller. Instead of putting a three-seater couch in your living area, choose a two-seater option. When it comes to the kitchen, consider a small two-seater table, like this one from Wayfair. Bonus: It has built-in storage where you can keep wine, cookbooks, and more!

Install a Folding Privacy Screen

A folding privacy screen is a great option if you’re looking for a barrier you can easily take down. You can set up a divider, like this three-panel one from Home Depot, when you’re expecting guests, and then fold it up when you don’t need to hide your sleeping area. If you plan to keep the divider up 24/7, we like this more decorative option with built-in shelves from Amazon.