Having the opportunity to decorate for every time of year and holiday is one of the most exciting parts of renting your own apartment. Since it’s officially fall, here are four simple things you can do to make sure your space is in sync with the season.

Add Some Cozy Touches

Fall means saying goodbye to the warm-weather months. As the temperature drops, you can embrace the season by making your space cozier. Set out some comfy throw blankets on the furniture, or fill a basket with a few for friends to grab when they visit. Festive candles, like pumpkin spice and salted caramel-scented options, can help warm up your apartment, too.

Choose Seasonal-Yet-Useful Décor

You don’t have to fill your space with useless things if you’re decorating for fall or any other season. Seek out items that are festive but still have a purpose. For example, you can swap out your doormat for one with a pumpkin or fall phrase on it. You might also consider storing your everyday hand towels and using fall-colored options in their place, or setting out seasonal soaps in the bathroom and kitchen.

Pick Apartment-Friendly Pumpkins

Don’t have enough space for a full-size pumpkin? You can pick up some smaller ones at a nearby grocery store or local garden center instead. Set them outside of your apartment door, on your balcony, or on tabletops and shelves. If you don’t want to risk dealing with a rotting pumpkin, see if you can find some ceramic or plastic decorative options at places like Target and HomeGoods.

Don’t Forget Trick-or-Treat Sweets

Even if you don’t have kids trick-or-treating outside of your apartment door, you can still get in the Halloween spirit by setting out a bowl of candy. You can pick up a festive ceramic container and fill it with either your go-to treat or a seasonal sweet, like candy corn or caramel apple lollipops. If candy isn’t your top choice, whip up a batch of cookies and store them in a fall or spooky-themed cookie jar.