Brightening up an apartment can be a challenge since you can’t make any structural changes to the space, like knocking down walls or adding extra windows — but, there are less permanent ways to bring some more light and color into your apartment. Check out this list for a bit of decorating inspiration.

Choose Colorful Art

If you aren’t able to paint the walls in your apartment, hanging some vibrant artwork should do the trick. You can find fun prints on Etsy and Society6. HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx both have plenty of affordable options in-store, too. If you’re feeling creative, pick up some canvases and paint at Michaels and make your own eye-catching wall art.

Hang Plenty of Mirrors

Sunlight bounces off reflective surfaces, so keeping some mirrors in your apartment will help ensure there’s plenty of light moving throughout the entire space. If you don’t want to drill into the wall, consider a large, leaning floor mirror instead.

Light It up With Lamps

Supplementing the overhead lighting in your apartment with floor and table lamps is an easy way to bring more light into the space. Pro-tip: Do a little research before you purchase any light bulbs for your lamps, so you’ll be sure to get the type of lighting effect you’re going for.

Embrace Metallic Décor

Just like mirrors, shimmery gold and silver decorations can help reflect light throughout your apartment. You can incorporate metallic details into the space using picture frames, flower vases, lamps, and more.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Lighter floors can brighten up any space, but since you don’t get to choose the flooring in your apartment, consider setting out some light, patterned, or colorful rugs. You can find affordable options at Amazon, Overstock, World Market, and Target.