If you want to save money on an overpriced dinner, avoid crowded restaurants, or simply spend some quiet one-on-one time with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, opt for a low-key at-home date night. Staying in means hanging out without any distractions. Plus, you can wear your comfy clothes. Here are five fun date ideas you can enjoy in your apartment on February 14, or any other day of the year.

Games Galore

Pull out the board games, playing cards, and even video games for a night of healthy competition. You can order pizza from your go-to spot, so you don’t have to stop playing to cook a meal. Up the ante with prizes or bets: Give the winner a gift card or a giant candy bar, or have the loser cover the cost of dinner.

Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Dress up in your coziest pair of pajamas and whip up a buffet of waffles, pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Don’t forget to make a brunch-worthy cocktail, like a mimosa, bellini, or bloody mary, too!

Cozy Movie Night

A movie night is a classic at-home date for a reason. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and then plant yourself in front of the TV for a night of movie watching. Instead of browsing through all of the options, you and your partner can both write down a couple of ideas on small pieces of paper and draw a winner from a bowl.

Paint and Sip

If you’re feeling crafty, consider organizing an at-home paint and sip session. Pick up some painting supplies, like canvases and acrylic paint, and a couple bottles of wine. You can also put together a charcuterie board with cheese, dried fruit, crackers, and salami, so you can snack while you work.

Fondue for Two

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like sweet treats. After dinner, make a batch of chocolate fondue and set out dippers, like fresh fruit, pretzels, and marshmallows. Pair the fondue with mugs of spiked hot chocolate or a bottle of your favorite wine.