As the weather grows chillier and chillier, it’s only natural that we all turn to our favorite sweaters and other beloved knit items. All that time spent indoors as the temperatures drop is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby, however, whether knitting or crochet catches your eye, here are seven beginner-friendly projects to embark on this fall and winter.

Basic Scarf Pattern (Martha Stewart)

There’s nothing quite like a hand-knit scarf to tuck your chin into when the cold wind nips a little too much– and luckily for newly minted knitting enthusiasts, scarves are among the easiest projects to undertake. While you can complete a lovely scarf with just standard knit stitches, this pattern from Martha Stewart includes alternating rows and a garter stitch border that give these scarves a small burst of character.

How to Knit Your First Sweater (LoveCrafts)

This super-simple starter pattern is great for those looking for an easy and relaxing project to work on overtime. The website also features a number of other accessible and adorable patterns for a wide range of fiber craft hobbyists.

Toe-Tally Easy Crochet Socks (Heart Hook Home)

Socks make for great knitting projects, but crocheting them is another option for crafting one-of-a-kind cozy footwear. This pattern is a great introduction to working with short rows when crocheting, as well as the concept of “negative ease” as it applies to crochet and knit items– since yarn stretches, you’ll typically want items that require a snug fit like socks to be slightly smaller than your measurements.

Easy Everyday Beanie (For The Frills)

Another popular handmade accessory – hats, in all their various forms. This pattern for a crocheted beanie features seven different size measurements to choose from, and a video to follow along with as you work.

Griddle Stitch Crochet Hat (When We Were Young)

Here’s another pattern for a classic crochet hat, this time featuring the relatively simple griddle stitch. This particular tutorial also includes instructions on how to follow the pattern to create a “messy bun” or ponytail hat and is overall a highly customizable and adaptable pattern for those just getting the hang of crocheting.

Easy Beginners Amigurumi Octopus (Hopeful Turns

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting and crocheting small stuffed animals and other creatures. This YouTube tutorial walks you through creating some miniature octopi, sans having to bust out any needles and thread since it’s a simple no-sew craft. Besides being just plain cute, these yarn sea creatures are a great introduction to crocheting toys and other small items outside of clothing and accessories.

The World’s Simplest Mittens (Tin Can Knits via Ravelry)

If you can make socks you can make mittens– they’re just socks for your feet, right? Well, this pattern is a little different than previously mentioned socks for a few reasons, starting with them being a knitting pattern (although plenty of beginner crochet mitten tutorials exist.) These will come in handy particularly as winter draws closer, but you might just fall in love with them so much it’ll be a bummer to take them off when spring rolls around.