Working with limited space to create holiday cheer? Don’t sweat organization with these five storage solutions for holiday decor, gift wrap, and other items.

Whitmor Christmas Gift Bag Organizer

One of the simplest but oft-overlooked things worth keeping neat and organized are your gift wrapping supplies. Tags, tape, ribbons, bows, and as the name suggests, gift bags can all be kept in order with an organizer such as this one from Whitmor, which also sells ornament storage boxes, wreath bags, and wrapping paper organizers– which brings us to our next entry.

Holdin’ Storage Christmas Ornament Storage Box

While ornament boxes aren’t hard to come by, such as this standard Sterilite container, this organizer features a spot for your own custom label, and three tiers of fabric drawers that minimize some of the potential for damage present with plastic ornament containers while making it easy to access all your ornaments come next holiday season.

Christmas Tree Rolling Cinch Bag

This tree bag isn’t just an easy way to keep your tree safe while stored away– it features wheels that make transportation and setup that much easier and comes in multiple sizes (and colors and patterns, as well.) You can even find matching ornament and gift wrap organizers to keep all your holiday necessities together and clearly marked (no more vague cardboard boxes from years ago that may or may not hold your stockings and tree topper.)

Space-Saver Sweater Hangers

Whether you have a passion for collecting ugly holiday sweaters or just need to free up some extra space in your closet, these multi-layer shirt hangers will make keeping all manner of winter clothing items organized a much simpler process. You can find similar hangers for all your holiday scarves, too, and devices that serve as multi-layer slots for your existing hangers.

Latching Wreath Container

Rather than searching for a box big enough to fit your holiday wreath (or wreaths, depending on how devoted to the cause of circular foliage you are), you can place it in this handy storage container that not only latches up safely but features a durable handle for transporting your wreaths as you see fit.