Everyone knows that the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set goals — but, do you typically include some apartment-related goals in your list? If not, we have some easy and attainable suggestions for you. Keep reading for five goals to help you make the most of apartment living.

Clean the Apartment Once a Week

Commit to cleaning your space on a regular basis. Setting a designated day of the week as your cleaning day is an easy way to stay on track, but you could also aim to clean every other week or once a month. Regular cleaning is important because it kills germs, which, of course, can help you stay healthy and at the top of your game all year long.

Cook at Home 3 Times a Week

Instead of setting a goal to save up some money, try setting a goal of similar intention that might be a little bit easier to achieve: cooking at home a certain amount of days each week. In addition to saving money, you might also improve your cooking skills and eat a little healthier, too.

Update One Space in Your Apartment

Turning an apartment into a home can take time, so it’s a good idea to divide and conquer. For example, if you updated your sleeping area this year, you might want to wait until next year to tackle your living area. This way, you’ll stress less and avoid spending too much on home décor. You could also commit to saving up money to redo a space in your apartment in the future.

Take Advantage of the Fitness Center

If you’re spending money on rent, you might as well take advantage of the amenities. Cowgill communities, like studios180 and The Flats at 345, have brand-new fitness centers to help residents stay in shape. Instead of paying for fitness classes, set a goal of utilizing the on-site gym. You might find you workout more often when you don’t have to leave the building to get in a sweat session.

Introduce Yourself to a Neighbor

One of the perks of living in an apartment building or community is being surrounded by neighbors. If you haven’t met any of them, consider introducing yourself. You can invite them over for a meal, or ask if they want to visit a local brewery together. In addition to making a friend, it will be nice to know someone’s keeping an eye on you and your place if you’re ever out of town or feeling under the weather.