Rural areas provide lots of outdoor space, and many urban areas are designed with walkability in mind. Especially if you’re from one of these two kinds of areas, you may not be sure of where to start in a mid-sized metropolitan area like Lexington, which features a mix of traits found in small towns and big cities. Luckily, Lexington’s size often means the best of both worlds are at your disposal when you’re looking for simple ways to keep active in your everyday life.

Take a trip downtown

If you have a day on your hands to spend time with friends (or simply treat yourself), one of downtown Lexington’s best qualities is its walkable nature. Not only can you navigate from shops to restaurants to live entertainment events easily on foot, but you can access resources like the Central Public Library downtown. Next time you find yourself in the area, consider taking a stroll– which makes taking in all the gorgeous and historic sites that much more up-close and enjoyable. Downtown Lexington and the surrounding area also feature several great public parks with amenities like basketball and tennis courts, sports fields, and walking trails. If you do find yourself getting tired, of course, you’re usually a short distance from a rentable e-scooter.

Take advantage of free and affordable amenities

While the idea of going to the gym brings up associations with pricey subscriptions and marketing traps for some people, finding a space to work out doesn’t have to be a logistical (or financial) headache. Lexington Parks and Recreation often provides opportunities like free dance classes and guided exercise programs. Seniors can benefit from fitness classes at the Lexington Senior Center, of which there are dozens to choose from. Greyline Station hosts Greyline Community Yoga every Saturday morning, and no matter how much experience you have or don’t have with yoga, it’s a great environment to practice your skills. If you’re a student, it’s worth looking into on-campus free resources like student gyms and workout equipment. If you’re looking for a quick and easy workout, residents can always head down to studios180‘s on-site gym!

Go for a bike ride– whether practical or for fun

Everyone knows that riding a bike is a great way to keep active, but Lexington can be a great place for biking to and from everyday destinations, too. If you live in an area that isn’t quite efficient for walking but still find yourself close to the places you need to be, it may be time to pull out that bicycle. Especially with the cool fall weather approaching, biking is a fun way to not only stay healthy but save money on gas. Around the city– particularly downtown– you’ll find bike racks that make getting around on two wheels a much more convenient option. If you’re up for some mountain biking, though, a number of Lexington’s public parks feature dedicated biking trails. If you’re in need of a bike before anything else, check out local shops like Broomwagon Bikes + Cafe, Pedal Power Bike Shop, The Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop, and Bicycle Face.