The leaves are brightly colored, pumpkins are decorating doorsteps left and right, and the temperature seems to have plummeted in the blink of an eye. What’s that? It’s the second half of fall, bringing with it plenty of warm apple cider and pumpkin spice to make up for the first frosty windshield of the year. Grab your favorite sweater and a comfy blanket, because here are just a few ways to treat yourself as winter weather draws near.

Give your hands a spa day (or night, rather.)

One popular trick to tackling the dreaded phenomenon of chapped hands involves lotion– and, incidentally, socks. Before you go to bed, generously apply hand cream or another preferred moisturizer to your hands, and then place socks over your hands (mittens work, too, although whether you want lotion-filled mittens is up to your discretion.) Though it may seem silly, you’ll wake up to noticeably softer hands with less painful dryness and cracking.

Make a warm cup of herbal tea before bed.

For many of us, a steaming mug of coffee or tea in the morning serves as a relaxing ritual. However, snuggling up in bed with a warm brew– sans caffeine– is also an option. In fact, certain herbal teas like lavender and chamomile can help aid sleep, helping you get the rest you need to battle those chilly late October and November mornings.

Do some easy autumn baking.

Making warm, tasty treats doesn’t have to be a pain. On the contrary, baking can be a soothing way to wind down after a long day or to pass time on a lazy weekend. You can bake something as ubiquitous and year-round as some classic banana bread, or you can try your hand at something pumpkin-spiced if you’re feeling festive. Check out these easy fall recipes that will have your kitchen smelling delightful and festive in no time.

Pick up some of your childhood favorite candy.

Halloween can be fun for everyone, grown-ups included. If you’re craving some nostalgia, or maybe just something sweet, there’s nothing stopping you from doing your own adult trick-or-treating at the supermarket provided you have your wallet and fond memories. You might even be able to make your own version of perennial favorites.

Pick up a seasonally-appropriate hobby.

Knitting and crocheting, for instance, are the perfect craft project to undertake as the days get colder. Maybe you’ve been meaning to learn how to sew, and digging out your winter coat this year revealed a hole in need of patching. Perhaps you’re thinking ahead, and you want to take up ornament-making. The possibilities are endless, and for many the invigoration of the crisp fall air is the perfect motivator for trying new things.

Check out a nearby bakery for special fall items.

The Lexington area is full of unique, delicious bakeries of all kinds. Fall-flavored donuts, cookies, pastries of all sorts– they’re all worth the year-long wait. However, if sweets aren’t your thing but caffeine is, be sure to see what seasonal offerings Lexington’s many top-notch coffee shops have this year.